Feb 16, 2013


Below are the excerpt from the interview...
Watch January 2011 Interview on CNBC TV 18 here..

  • Buy on rising markets and sell on falling markets.
  • Do not average in trading.
  • Trading is all about momentum.
  • Don’t try to predict every hour and day.
  • All it needs to know is know the broad direction of trend. Learn to take loss.
  • All big moves start with small moves.
  • You have to lose many battles to win a war.
  • Big money is made in big swings.
  • I have made money in spurts. I have made money in some years and not all.
  • My real capital is 1 lakh, and all other is leveraged with me and my wife’s assets.
  • I like to make investment when the stock is not popular.
  • Only 100 in a 10 lakh traders make money.
  • My investment strategy is: entry value, constant review, and a perceived exit value which changes with every review.
  • You cannot imagine the end result how big a company can become. It can become bigger than you think.
  • The first quality in investors is that he should have optimism.
  • My risk appetite as an investor has declined over time.
  • Highest risk is in buying lottery ticket, because if you don’t win the lottery, then you lose all money you paid to buy the lottery ticket.

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