May 5, 2011


The STOCK SIP ADVICE Plan for investors:

Who should take this type of STOCK SIP ADVICE?
Those who don’t want to or don’t have lump sum amount to invest at one go.
Those who have cultivated a habit of investing at regular interval, say every month.
Those who are presently investing in mutual funds through SIP route but are not satisfied with the returns over the short to medium term can opt for our this STOCK SIP ADVICE Plan.

How does our STOCK SIP ADVICE Plan work?
In this scheme we give 1 fresh stock to investor at stipulated date during the month.
The stock is recommended purely on the basis of fundamental analysis and not technical analysis.
The stock may be a fresh stock or it may also be a similar stock given in previous or some earlier month.
We will give minimum 8 different stocks and maximum 12 different stocks in a year.
Upside targets are also given in advance. Profit booking SMS and Phone Call is also given as and when needed.

What is SIP?
SIP is more famous and known in investing into mutual funds. SIP means Systematic Investment Plan.
Investment Plan means an investment plan. While the word Systematic here denotes the act of investing a specified amount of money at a regular interval say, every month.

Fee in Rs.
1 year
2 year
5 year

How does our STOCK SIP ADVICE Plan work? or
Features of our STOCK SIP ADVICE or STOCKS SIP Service:

  • In this scheme we give 1 fresh stock to investor at stipulated date during the month.
  • The stock may be a fresh stock or it may also be a similar stock given in previous or some earlier month.
  • We will give minimum 8 different stocks and maximum 12 different stocks in a year.
  • Purely hard-core fundamental analysis based recommendations.
  • Only profitable companies with good sales and bottom-line are recommended.
  • The expected investment duration is from 8 months to 18 months for each stocks.
  • We send regular updates regarding the STOCK SIP ADVICE stocks and changes if any. This makes you sure that you are on the right track and there is someone out there who is monitoring your investment and prompt you what to do what is necessary if required. Its simply peace of mind!
  • We become lifetime companions. Yes, you will receive service/recommendation for 1 year only. But your updates service will remain active till date we make you exit your position. Isn’t this feature amazing!
  • HNIs remain HNIs and become richer because they are taken special care by brokerages and analysts. They are passed the best tips/recommendation of the time. No worry! Because we will do it for you in this STOCK SIP ADVICE scheme. HNIs don’t earn their real money from mutual fund holdings but from such special tips service they get. Thus you could become an HNI by STOCK SIP ADVICE.
  • Mix of smallcap midcap and large cap recommendations so as to cater to investment need of all type of risk profile investors.

STOCK SIP ADVICE or our STOCKS SIP Service vs. Mutual Fund SIP-
MF SIP Setbacks
Investment in a concentrated portfolio of 8-12 fundamentally undervalued high-performance stocks.
Investment in 25-50 or even more stocks. So disadvantage of over-concentration.
No over-diversification.
Optimum trade-off between diversification and concentration.
Over-diversification kills returns. Thus, almost 95% of fund managers never able to beat return of market i.e.  Sensex or nifty.
STOCK SIP ADVICE gives considerably higher returns than mf SIPs.
Mutual Fund SIP usually gives low returns over medium term of 1-2 years. Many times over longer-term as well.
100% strong fundamental analysis based stocks picking.
Who knows? I mean, mutual fund managers are many times notorious to select stocks which are in uptrend and try to outperform the indices for the short-term to shine their CVs. After all their work is also like any other type of job. And they want to sharpen their resume to get ahead in their career. Many times not caring about the investors whose money they manage.
We will tell you the advanced targets so that you know how much return you will get on your money in certain time span.
You are mostly not aware about anything of these when investing into a mutual fund SIP.
Easy to track your investments as we will be recommending only 8-12 stocks in a year.
Many mutual fund schemes keep changing stocks in portfolio. Many times depending on short-term outperformance as said above. So you can not do your due diligence there.
By being able to tracking your investments, you overtime become vigilant about investing.
You generally don’t track your investments. Also mainly because there are so many stocks. Thus, you remain intellectually what you are.
Our in house analysts and outside ‘research collaborators’ work with us. So no problem of changing research analysts and adverse effect of it on investment recommendations and returns.
Many times Fund managers keep changing, so you are not sure that your money is in right hands and under uniform process of investing.
Here you simply invest systematically into fundamental high-performance stocks recommended by us. You can yourself also find out about the recommended stocks if you want to be sure and get convinced. Confusion, we just hate it!
Just too many (over 39) mutual funds companies and their different types of hundreds of schemes makes it next to impossible task for an individual to find out and maintain investment in any one good schemes.

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