Jan 14, 2011


  • Always have a trading plan. Never trade without a trading plan (a trading plan consists of a trading system which is made of few components)
  • Never trade without a StopLoss (Repeat 10 times).
  • Never ever hold on to a losing position. Never average/add to a losing position. (Repeat this 10 times).
  • Let your profits growing. Add to your winning trades.
  • Trade on Rumors and Exit at news. But be care ful while following this strategy.
  • Never discuss your trading position to anyone else.
  • Control your emotions. You cannot control the market but definitely control yourself.
  • Never try to become a perfectionist or Best. Try to become ‘better than others’ and ‘above average’.
  • Follow your trading system. Let the system prove itself right or wrong; before changing it.
  • Never ever over trade (repeat this 10 times).
  • So, what you are intraday trader, Learn basics of stock market. Learn the intermediate and long-term trend etc.
  • If you are starting new or re-starting; begin with paper trading.
  • Don’t think of earning regular salary/income in markets while trading. Because trading is not a job it’s a business.
  • Cut the losses small and let the profits grow.
  • Learn to understand the ‘general condition’ principle’ argued by Edvin Lafarve in book ‘Reminiscence of a Stock Operator’.
  • Learn to both; buy-n-trade and short-n-trade. But try–More buy-n-trade in bull market and sell-n-trade in bear phase.
  • Don’t be greedy. Remain reasonable. Don’t try to make killing once in every week. You can expect it only once in months.
  • Take a break after continual periods of constant success or constant profits. 
  • Do not put all your eggs into one basket. Unless you are an experienced trader and afford to lose big sum. Diversify your trading into stocks, asset classes, sectors, themes and technical set ups.


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