Jun 29, 2010

Experience and Learning

Experiences and learning:

“The second name of experience is to learn”
-Dhirubhai Ambani

         Would anyone contradict with this great personality? Every day is experience, every hour is experience, every minute is experience, every event is experience, every response is experience, every action is experience, and every reaction is experience. So does that mean all the life is experience? And by virtue of all the experiences being learning; there is nothing in saying that life is an experience or/and learning. Experience can also be described as the meeting place or convergence of the situation one faces and the mental effects of those situations.
            There is a thin differentiation understanding it. But there are few things to it. All experience, but all do not learn. So for those of them experience is not learning. (here we take the discussion forward on premises that (1) human being should learn from experiences.(2) human being should be progressive (3) human being is assumed to improve from after each experience.) On the other hand, it doesn’t mean those who learn stop experiencing. No, but they will have new experiences. Will become successful, less obstacles, things become easier, less problems, they become smart and smarter. And then they get new type of experience. The learning from their experiences makes them shielding of doing more right things while having new experience and less wrong things/mistakes.
This works in markets also. Because you know how to calculate numbers and that you have mastered the philosophy of value investing or you have seen two generations of bull and bear cycles-doesn’t mean you are done. Please Pay attention Here-These are all ‘experiences’= yourself (the physical you) and your emotions/brains (mind) meeting the events. But if you have learned from ‘those experiences’ then you will do more of right things and less wrong things WHILE HAVING NEW EXPERIENCES. 


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